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Packaging Factory

The manufacturing industry is defined by companies that take one or more products and create new products from them. The manufacturing industry in Alberta is one of the fastest growing sectors and we can help you keep up with this fast pace growth. We can better equip you and your teams with the tools necessary to achieve your goals.


Whether you are in the oil and gas, petrochemicals, cleantech, information and communications, tourism or agriculture sectors, DTD can help enhance your bottom-line performance. We have experience expanding into new markets - including both new industry sectors and new geographical markets.


DTD has expertise in sales and marketing, operations, finance and human resources. We can increase productivity, assess operations, develop business and strategic plans and identify supply-chain and procurement inefficiencies to improve your profitability and reliability.

Business Meeting

The requirements of the distribution industry have never been higher. With the emphasis on just-in-time delivery and a need to reduce capital committed to inventory through higher turn rates, we can help you forecast and manage both the expectations of the customer and the financial requirements of your organization.


Whether your employment and labour costs are affecting your ability to grow or reinvest; or the changing economic landscape and competitive behaviours are becoming unpredictable, we can assist you.

DTD has expertise in sales and marketing, operations, finance and human resources. We can increase productivity, assess operations, develop business and strategic plans and identify supply-chain and procurement inefficiencies to improve your profitability and reliability.

Reaching a Deal

Industry documentation suggests that only one in four senior leaders in Alberta have experience conducting business outside the province. With operations and the service industry growing to meet the demand to diversify offerings, many organizations are looking to new sectors or geographical markets for new business.


With over 50% of the province's employment coming from businesses with fewer than 99 employees, DTD can help provide the learnings, practices, policies and procedures from Fortune 500 companies and customize them to your needs. Whether you have two employees or over 100, regardless of if you are in the construction, accommodations and food service, transportation, health care, facilities maintenance, manufacturing, industrial or other services industry, we can assist your business.

DTD has expertise in sales and marketing, operations, finance and human resources. We can increase productivity, assess operations, develop business and strategic plans and identify supply-chain and procurement inefficiencies to improve your profitability and reliability.




We will help you develop strategies related to stability, expansion, retrenchment or a combination to better position your organization for success and profitability.


By focusing your resources and building alignment within your team, you can realize sustainable growth.


We work with you to develop your vision, clarify your mission and identify the values that are important to your organization.


Marketing is an essential tool in increasing awareness and supporting your sales efforts. We can assist your organization with the successful design and communication of your brand, products and services while supporting and promoting your offering to your stakeholder groups.


Marketing must align with your business development strategy as raising awareness, building your profile, managing your reputation and highlighting solutions are all part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.


The key goals of business development include brand placement, market expansion, new user acquisition and awareness. We will help your organization develop and implement the appropriate tools and structure to assure your organization's success and profitability.


We also offer project development assistance to help streamline your projects effectively and efficiently to keep your projects moving ahead on time and on budget.


Operating a business today is increasingly challenging and full of risks. The complexity of the business world, combined with the current unstable economic climate, places elevated demands on boards of directors. We will assure your governance model aligns the work with your organizational goals.


Your organization will benefit from experienced and thoughtful board members who work within effective governance practices and an open and honest culture. Let us help you attract the right board members to enhance your leadership team.


Stakeholder relations involves process and control that must be planned and guided by underlying strategy and principles. With our support, you will create positive relationships with stakeholders through the appropriate management of each party's expectations and agreed objectives.


We work with a diverse variety of stakeholders including neighbouring communities, Indigenous groups, government entities, special interest groups and NGO's.


Everyone needs a coach whether you’re just starting out or you've been in business for years. With our support, you can avoid making common mistakes and become more effective in your management and leadership roles.


We can assist your organization with increasing revenue, retaining staff, attracting clients and fostering long-term relationships with stakeholders. These practices will lead you to a better understanding of your pain points to ultimately achieve your goals.

Todd Dyer 122.jpg


DTD Management Inc. helps to lead, transform and restructure organizations in both the public and private sectors.


By promoting innovation, people and the culture of continuous improvement, DTD works with clients in the services, manufacturing and distribution industries to achieve measurable business results and growth, both domestically and internationally.


We help solve your problems and act as change-agents to drive strategy, build and lead teams, and sponsor organizational change in diverse and complex environments. We focus on driving growth through innovation to allow clients in the services, manufacturing and distribution sectors both domestically and internationally to achieve measurable business results.


Our specialty is in developing strategic plans (complemented by operations, finance, sales, marketing, and HR functions) to improve market competitiveness resulting in increased productivity growth and profit margins. We are avid proponents to the power of teams and are integrated within a network of talented and diverse colleagues.


From executive coaches, to marketing and communications professionals, to venture capital firms, we have fostered trusted relationships with professionals across a variety of industries to ensure you have access to the very best in the business.


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Year Established


Countries Worked In


Industries Ranging from Government to Telecom


Managed Portfolios


Todd Dyer 036.jpg

Todd Dyer, MBA

Managing Director

Experience leading teams in the manufacturing, distribution and service sectors.

Read Todd's full bio

Colin Merrick.jpg

Colin Merrick


Colin is a human capital consultant specializing in corporate strategy and leadership.

Read Colin's full bio


Bruce Wilson, BComm


Bruce specializes in accounting, payroll and bookkeeping for small to medium sized businesses.

Read Bruce's full bio

Darren Gurr Bio Pic.jpg

Darren Gurr, B.Com.


Darren holds 25-years as a specialist in developing and leading relevant brands.

Read Darren's full bio

download (4).png

Pamila Foneska


Pamila helps small to medium businesses identify and take control of their Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) story.

Read Pamila's full bio

Jim Kindrachuk.jpg

Jim Kindrachuk


Jim is a Strategic, Visionary, and Results Driven Executive Leader.

Read Jim's full bio

Darren Gross.jpeg

Darren Gross, LL.B, B.A.S., B.Ed.


Darren specializes in implementing compliance programs.

Read Darren's full bio

Laura D.jpg

Laura Dickson, MBA, CIP


Laura’s 20-year career includes 10 years in risk management and risk assessment.

Read Laura's full bio


Sharon Gray, CPA CA CBV FEA


Sharon Gray has been providing clients with financial consulting expertise for over 30 years.

Read Sharon's full bio

Richard Bucher.jpeg

Richard Bucher, M.A., CEC, ACC


He is a gifted coach skilled at guiding the client to an articulation of their purpose and positioning them to actualize it within their current reality.

Read Richard's full bio

Tom Fournier.jpg

Tom Fournier


Tom is a highly recognized and award-winning sales professional.

Read Tom's full bio







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