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Sharon Gray, CPA CA CBV FEA


Sharon Gray has been providing clients with financial consulting expertise for over 30 years.  Her primary area of focus has been on analyzing businesses and preparing expert financial analysis to provide management / owners with strategic insight to support corporate performance improvement, acquisitions / divestitures, succession planning, tax reorganization and dispute resolutions.  Her strength is in simplifying financial complexity to provide clients with financial clarity to support complicated business decisions. Sharon has worked with companies that operate in a variety of industries, ranging in size from small owner-managed companies, to family-owned enterprises, to billion dollar companies including Sears Canada and Bell.  Sharon’s background in disputes has provided unique insight into the legal implications of critical business decisions.  She has witnessed how many issues that have ended up in litigation could have been avoided had there been sufficient planning in advance, had parties fully understood the financial implications of the agreement and had the agreement been properly papered in a clear and concise way, particularly as it relates to financial language.  Sharon believes offering her clients pragmatic, honest and solid financial advice, allow clients to make well informed decisions based on facts, leading to better, timelier and cost effective outcomes.


Sharon began her career at Deloitte’s, where she was involved in the audit, financial advisory and management consulting practices.  She was a founder and Valuation Partner of Trek Valuation and Financial Advisors Ltd, a boutique financial advisory practice.  After 11 very successful and busy years, Trek disbanded to allow the Partners to explore new business opportunities.  Sharon has continued her financial advisory practice under a newly formed company (website pending) – RDT Valuations Group Inc.  Sharon is a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Business Valuator and Family Enterprise Advisor.  She has been qualified as a financial expert and testified in the Court of Queen’s Bench and in many Arbitrations throughout her career.  Sharon can be reached at


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