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What you need to know about the future

The most recent Globescan Radar survey offers insight into societal trends which will be useful as you formulate employee or customer engagement programs. (GlobeScan Radar helps equip corporate leaders to better understand the social context in which companies operate.)

The survey, done in June 2020, asked 1,000 Canadians:

“What are the serious social challenges we are facing? The responses:

· Coronovirus - 64%

· Climate Change - 56%

· Extreme poverty - 56%

· Depletion of natural resources - 55%

We see that even at the height of the pandemic, Canadians were thinking about other major societal issues. When asked, “As we build back should we return to normal as soon as possible or should we restructure the economy so it deals with challenges like inequality and climate change?

· 41% said Return to normal as soon as possible

· 59% said We should restructure the economy so it deals with inequality/climate change.

As we look at the composition of the 59%, we see that 70% are Gen Z, and 60% are millennials. Showing demand for big change amongst the youngest adults among us.

I hope this insight helps you better navigate the present and highlights future business expectations.

Connect with our ESG Consultant - Pamila Fonseka.


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