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ESG in Farming

Alberta is a leading producer of canola, wheat, dry peas, barley, and cattle, and is growing its food processing capabilities. The province’s arable lands, an abundance of sunshine, and extensive irrigation network make it an ideal place to produce primary agricultural products. Global connectivity and business-friendly policies open up tremendous opportunities for agriculture processing facilities to establish Alberta as their North America hub. If you are a farmer, interested in the environmental, social, and governance issues that may be material to you read the list below. This list of material topics from the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) impacts the food processing industry.

It will be no surprise to know that management of labour issues are material.

When dealing with water management issues think about ways to mitigate water management risks and develop strategies and practices to mitigate those risks.

Energy management will affect current and future costs of operation. Climate regulation and other sustainability factors could result in higher and/or more volatile electricity and fuel prices, increasing operating costs. Know the costs of energy grid energy and investigate the feasibility of securing renewable energy.

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