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Communicating Organizational Strategy

Executive teams together with the board of directors often hold offsite Corporate Strategic Planning sessions to set or refresh a company’s vision and determine the key objectives for the next 3-5 years. While this can be effective, there is often a critical gap that occurs if leadership fails to engage key personnel below the executive level prior to the session and/or when the Plan is in its draft phase(s).

Communicating your organization strategy should start during the initial development phase and be included in the overall project plan. Leaderships needs to engage with their people early to get their views and ideas so they can be incorporated into strategic priorities as they are being formulated. This will create the ability to understand opportunities as well as challenges and improve understanding of whether the strategic priority may or may not be achievable. Those working closer to the front lines will typically have valuable insights that will save time, effort, and money as objectives are implemented.

This approach also helps to create early adoption of initiatives which is critical, especially for those that will be the primary executors and supporters. Leaders who engage with their people will have a better chance of creating a comprehensive plan that will be delivered by a cohesive team on time and on budget while also keeping people engaged and satisfied in their positions. When done effectively a Company’s strategic plan can cascade to individual performance plans creating a culture of accountability and enabling an understanding of how each person’s role contributes to the overall strategy.

Increase the chances of a smooth implementation when your corporate strategy is rolled out by integrating a detailed communication project plan at the outset. Formulate a consistent approach that leaders can use to engage with people and gain their input, knowledge, and feedback. Remember that these individuals are an integral component to deliver the desired company results. Engage them early in the process and don’t be afraid to share with them where the company is going and how as a team you are going to get there…or they may decide not to come along for the ride.

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