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Ken Larson


Ken’s purpose is simple: to inspire impact. His passion is to ride shotgun with amazing high performers as they breakthrough to new levels of performance, personally and professionally. He is a Scaling Up/Gazelles Certified Executive Coach skilled in growing leaders, their teams, and helping them achieve the results they seek.

Ken has owned and operated Champion Performance Systems since 1998. He works face to face with leaders of companies worldwide between millions and billions in top-line revenue ranging from 10 to 5,000 employees. 

Ken’s trademarks are his energy, experience, enthusiasm, and successfully coaching more than 250 leaders over 20 years. He was involved with TEC Canada (The Executive Committee – September 2008 to October 2013) as a Chair of four different groups — a CEO/President group, a Key Executive Group (VP’s), an entrepreneurial group, and a group of trusted advisors.

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