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Bruce Dewar, MSc (Chem. Eng.)


Over an extensive career in the private sector, which has included numerous international business ventures, Bruce has developed broad expertise. This has covered research and development, production, maintenance, project management at the refinery level, and also in new product development, which has included providing technical support for the marketing of products internationally. He has built appropriate management teams for a variety of these departments.

Bruce has managed companies of up to 1200 staff members, at both the CEO levels and Managing Director levels. 


He has been involved in raising government grants for R&D, has led teams to develop products for the electronics industry, and guided departments to put in place a commercial mindset for the development of new products.

Over his career, he has generated 50 worldwide patents and has presented papers at numerous international conferences.

He has been responsible for opening new markets in Asia. He has championed technical support for product sales in Japan, South Korea, China, and a number of countries in Africa.

In recent years, he has worked as a consultant, involved with the commercialization and production of new products.

Bruce chaired the Alberta Ingenuity nanoWorks Program for three years, was a member of the Provincial Nanotechnology Steering Committee, was a committee member of the ‘National Institute for Nanotechnology Baseline Study Report’, was a member of a committee to develop the ‘Greater Edmonton Competitiveness Strategy’, was a member of the NRC Technology Panel to develop the ‘Chemical Process Intensive Manufacturing Technology Roadmap’, and he served on a number of advisory committees, assisting Economic Development Edmonton (EDE) in their various Cluster Initiatives.

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