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Bonnie Elgie, APR


I am one of the lucky people who can say I love what I do. For over 20 years, I’ve been working with inspiring entrepreneurs, innovative organizations and dedicated non-profits.


Originally starting my career in media, I’ve developed strong relationships with journalists and influencers in a variety of markets and industries.

As a sole practitioner at Bonnie Elgie PR, I believe in the power of relationships, connection and collaboration. My desire is to become part of your team and help you become more successful with your stakeholders. When required, I draw on my extensive network of associates to assemble the right expertise for your project, while remaining your project manager and primary contact.


Whether the goal is promoting a brand to customers, marketing B2B services, or inspiring communities and funders to support a charity, I help to tell stories that inspire action.


When I’m not working with great clients, you’ll find me at the hockey arena or dance studio cheering on my kids, or sweating it out at a fitness class.

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