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What makes a consultant different from an analyst?

What makes a consultant different from an analyst? On the surface, they both provide expert advice on how to improve your business. An analyst's job is to give guidance for one aspect while consultants take an overall view that includes all decision-making in their company or organization- so they can offer more holistic solutions.

A consultant is a professional who has undergone extensive training in their field and can offer advice on how to best handle certain issues. They often have years of experience working with clients, which helps them become an expert at what they do.

An analyst is a professional who provides advice to individuals, businesses and organizations in the field of finance. There are several types of analysts but most specialize in how money works or business-related matters at some point during their career path.

Not sure which one is right for your business? Start with identifying the problem you are looking to solve, perform a SWOT analysis of that issue and see if it's something that can be solved once or on an ongoing basis. Or, connect with us at DTD Management for a free exploration call to find the best fit for your business.

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