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How do you network from home?

Networking has been something that has become a focal point during COVID. Many individuals relied on their office environments to provide access to those they needed to interact with on a daily basis right within their working space. Networking is a learned skill, and unfortunately, many who were not comfortable with it previously have had to adapt very quickly to our current COVID environment. The advantage as we start to interact again in person and within our company walls is that the skills learned will improve everyone's capabilities while also allowing us to appreciate the ability to meet in person more than we did before this pandemic. Whether you're in a traditional office or working from home, the best way to network is to find opportunities and create them. So, how do we improve our networking from home?

You can start by carving out some time in your workweek to reach out specifically to people in your immediate business circles and those who are not. Utilize technology and all of the platforms available to us by conducting or joining virtual meetings.

You can use the internet to collaborate and share ideas with people halfway around the world and help people you have never met before. Working from home could also be the perfect opportunity to connect with local, as well as far away, alums from your beloved alma mater. You can use your shared history in your school to build relationships personally and professionally.

A great way to meet like-minded people is to spend time on something you enjoy or are passionate about. One benefit from the pandemic has been that industry seminars are emerging in the digital age. Joining webinars can also help you develop good networks that may lead to other solid professional opportunities for you.

You probably know by now that networking is one of the critical factors for success in today's economy. The more people you know, the more likely you are to find relevant, meaningful opportunities. Remember, a good networking relationship, like any relationship, takes time. Networking is not just a matter of having lots of meetings. It's also a matter of having a plan, of knowing what you want. And it's a matter of bringing the people you know together, of finding the right time, and of keeping in touch.

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