Does my company need a business consultant?

All SME businesses can use business advice and expertise from a third-party at some point in their journey…

The key is to identify and have access to consultants before you need them. Often when we are brought into the company, there is already a crisis or need for the service. If we can be involved early and engaged, when situations arise that our services are needed, this becomes a proactive approach vs. a reactive approach resulting in better results and traditionally a cost-savings to the customer.

When do I know the best time to hire one?

As stated above, it's before you need us. It is important to develop good networks with access to strong professional support in-advance of when the need arises.

Often consultants can be brought in a on a very flexible and customized approach that does not cost the customer a lot of money. Often the cost to hire us in a crisis will not only increase the cost of the consultant but will also have a cost to the business's bottom-line.