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Consultants Should Never Market Themselves As A Product

When it comes to marketing, consultants have a lot of options: they can market themselves, their company, or their products. Unfortunately, many consultants choose to market themselves as products rather than as service providers. This is a mistake for many reasons, including that it reduces the value of what they are offering.

A consultant is not a commodity.

Although some may disagree–- we are a resource that provides customized solutions to our customers. A product will address a problem or issue that you have at the moment. It will not work with you to identify the specific needs a customer needs to not only address the current situation but develop strategic strategies to avoid these problems in the future.

Every consultant comes with unique experiences and knowledge that is specific to that consultant, never are two the same, which cannot be said for products that are replicated in large numbers and provide a specific application that may not be a fit for everyone.

Many companies have started moving away from hiring consultants on an individual basis and instead opting for packaged solutions. Although this may seem like an efficient way of getting things done, it also means that there's less opportunity for customization, which can mean more money spent than necessary. With packaged solutions, you're paying for someone else's idea of what might work best for your company—not necessarily what would work best for you specifically.

We pride ourselves on being able to understand your business and provide solutions tailored specifically for your needs - whether it's helping companies grow or managing complex projects. Every business needs consultants who can help them identify their challenges, develop solutions for those challenges, and work with them to create long-term plans for success.

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