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A Closer Look At Renewable Energy: Are Natural Resources Essential?

There has been a major increase in the uptake of renewable energy over the past decade. Our society is becoming more conscious of our environment, and more aware of our reliance on fossil fuels and the impact this has on the environment.

Renewable energy (RE) is a great alternative to traditional forms of energy production. Nowadays, renewable energy generation is among the fastest-growing industries worldwide. It is said to be the wave of the future, but are natural resources essential to the energy sectors success?

The answer is yes. Renewable energy sources and energy storage rely on natural resources as much as hydrocarbon energy does. It is just a different set of natural resources. While solar and wind power have plenty of potentials, they do require a lot of natural resources to build and maintain. So how can we be sure we're using the right materials?

It's important to understand which renewable energy sources are most sustainable. Solar panels are made from silicon, which is derived from sand. Wind turbines are made from steel or aluminum; these materials come from bauxite ore, which is mined in countries like Australia and Brazil.

Responsible development of these natural resources is essential if the energy transition is going to lead to better treatment of our planet. Poor stewardship of the vast resource developments that are being driven by the energy transition will result in the creation of many environmental disasters being created in the name of 'saving the Earth'.

The transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources will take decades and it is important that we do not rush into any one type of energy source without considering all the consequences. The consequences could be dire if we do not take a balanced approach.

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